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Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 (without mounting shell)

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Ventilation with a unique enthalpy heat exchanger or heat recovery unit, which ventilates the rooms in an energy-efficient and silent way, prevents stagnant air and the problems it causes - poor well-being, a environment for mold growth, etc. Designed for use in apartments, houses, small offices. The Enthalpy heat exchanger also recovers room humidity, which is essential in winter when room humidity is low. The unit has been "Passive House" certified.


The ideal solution for single rooms and small living areas, for renovation as well as new build: Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 decentralised ventilation unit impresses with its compact dimensions and high performance. This decentralised ventilation unit is easy and quick to install, no professional skills are required. The control panel is integrated in the unit's housing. However, the main advantage is the unique enthalpy heat exchanger which recovers most of the indoor humidity (which has a high thermal energy content) and transfers it to the incoming fresh outdoor air, thus also recovering heat. This keeps the indoor humidity at optimum levels in winter, prevents condensation and keeps the exterior clean.

The first decentralised, single-room installation to be certified by the "Passive House" Institute.

  • Purity: no condensation runs down the exterior facade of the building, which stays dry and clean.
  • Hygiene: Heat exchanger membranes trap unwanted odors. The heat exchanger is easy to maintain and can be washed with water.
  • Compact: Narrow profile, distinctive flat design.
  • Integral: The interior and exterior panels are paintable and can be matched to the wall colors.
  • Discreet: The whole unit is concealed in the wall, unobtrusive and can be installed virtually anywhere.
  • Comfortable: the control panel is integrated into the unit's housing and can be turned up or down as required.
  • Intuitive interface: Easy push-button control, 4 fan speeds, supply/exhaust control and automatic shut-off option.
  • Useful: The display visually indicates when filters need to be changed.
Technical specification
Air exchange rates
Recommended room area per single unit
up to 25 m2, up to 3 people
Intake at maximum power
55 m3/h
Exhaust at maximum power
55 m3/h
Intake at maximum power
15 m3/h
Exhaust at maximum power
15 m3/h
Heat recovery efficiency
up to 82 %
The air flows in and out simultaneously without mixing.
Dimensions and weight
Module length
350 to 600 mm
Module diameter without thermal insulation
315 mm
Diameter of the mounting hole
340 mm
15 kg
Other parameters
Power consumption
1 to 15 W/h
Noise level
25 dB at an air flow of 30 m3/h
220-230 V
Stationary on the device
Power management modes
25 %, 50 %, 75 %, 100 %
Flow shut-off mechanism
European quality certificate CE.
2-year warranty.
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