Anti-mold spray - Brillux Antimuffa 3430

Brillux Antimuffa 3430 is a professional high-efficiency mold remover that will defeat mold and its traces even in the most desperate cases.

Eliminates mold and is suitable for indoor use.

Spray for eliminating the mould. Quickly and easily kills mold, black spots, etc. on paint, wallpaper, tile seams, flexible material joints, stone in living areas, kitchen, bathroom and basement. Also suitable for shower curtain treatment.

Use instructions: it is not necessary to remove the mold before treatment (spores are re-formed). Spray mould-infested surfaces from a distance of 5-10 cm. Significant colour changes indicate a rapid action of the product. Repeat if necessary if there is a lot of mold on the surface.

Do not treat corroded metals due to possible corrosion. Colour changes may be observed on relevant surfaces - fabrics, wallpapers, flexible sealants, tiling and wood - as a result of bleaching. It is recommended to test the effect of the product on an inconspicuous surface before use. If the surface reacts, it should be washed off immediately. After use, unscrew the sprayer, rinse thoroughly and screw the bottle with the special child-resistant cap when finished.

Use a dispersion paint containing a fungicide for the repairs.

Capacity: 500 ml

Usage around 100ml/m2

Retail price:
14,99 € including VAT 21%

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