Privacy policy

Privacy policy

"Māja elpo" Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību
Reg. No 45403058281
Registered office: 7a Matrožu iela, Rīga, LV-1048

1. Introduction

"Māja elpo" Limited Liability Company, hereinafter referred to as the "Provider", on the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") processes personal data obtained from the data subject - the user of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the "User").

The Provider shall take care of the User's privacy and personal data protection, respect the User's right to lawful processing of personal data in accordance with the applicable law - Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the Regulation) and other applicable privacy and data processing legislation.

In light of the above, the Provider has developed this Privacy Policy with the aim of providing the User with the information required by the Regulation.

The Privacy Policy applies to the processing of data regardless of the form and/or medium in which the User provides personal data (Website, paper, in person or by telephone).

The Provider reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. It is the responsibility of the visitor to the Site to independently check the content of the Site to familiarize themselves with any changes to the Terms.

2. Identity and contact details of the provider

The Provider is Māja elpo Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību, Reg. The address of the Provider is Matrožu iela 7a, Riga, LV-1048, website -, e-mail -, telephone - +371 2564 2178.

3. Purposes for which personal data are processed and legal basis for processing

If the User provides the Provider with personal data by telephone, via the Site contact forms, email or other mail, we store and use this information for the performance or conclusion of the relevant service contract, including the identification of the customer; the preparation and conclusion of the contract; provision of services (performance of contractual obligations); customer service; handling and processing objections; customer loyalty; administration of payments and billing; debt collection and recovery; proof of facts, website maintenance and performance improvement; business planning and analytics; planning and record keeping. We will also process this data for the purposes of providing information to public authorities and operational subjects in the cases and to the extent provided for in external laws and regulations.

The legal grounds for data processing are for the conclusion and performance of a contract, for the enforcement of laws and regulations, in accordance with the consent of the User - data subject,

  • our legitimate interests (e.g. to verify the User's identity before entering into a contract);
  • to ensure compliance with contractual obligations;
  • to analyse the performance of the website applications, to ensure the effectiveness of the provision of services, etc.

4. Categories of personal data

Categories of personal data - name, surname, personal identification number, email or postal address, IP address, telephone number, content of the message or letter, etc.

5. Categories of recipients of personal data

The data shall be disclosed to those employees of the Data Provider who need to know the data in order to perform their direct duties or to conclude the relevant service contract.

When obtaining and using personal data, we partly use the services of external service providers who, in accordance with the contract, strictly follow our instructions and who are under our constant control before the use of the service and in the future.

Payment processing is provided by the payment platform, therefore our company passes the personal data necessary for the payment to the owner of the platform Maksekeskus AS.

6. Categories of users (data subjects)

Categories of Users - current, former and potential customers of the Provider, as well as other persons who wish to contact the Provider.

7. Transfer of data outside Latvia

The data received will not be transferred outside Latvia, the European Union or the European Economic Area, nor will it be transferred to any international organisation. At the same time, given that the Website is linked to Google and Facebook services, the Provider cannot guarantee that these companies will not transfer the data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

8. Duration of data storage

We process and store the User's personal data for as long as either party is legally obliged to store the data.

After these circumstances cease to apply, and unless otherwise stated in the data protection instructions, we will delete the personal data at the latest three months after the original reason for retaining the data no longer applies, unless we have a legal obligation to continue to retain the data (for example, but not limited to, for accounting or litigation purposes).

9. Access to personal data by the user (data subject)

The User shall have the right to obtain access to the User's personal data within one month from the date of the request.

The User may submit a request for the exercise of his/her rights in writing in person, at the Provider's registered office (upon presentation of an identity document), by post or by e-mail, signed with a secure electronic signature.

Upon receipt of a User's request to exercise his/her rights, the Provider shall verify the identity of the User, evaluate the request and execute it in accordance with the laws and regulations.

The User shall have the right to receive the information required by the regulatory enactments in relation to the processing of his/her data, the right to request access to his/her personal data, as well as to request the Provider to supplement, rectify or delete them, to restrict processing or to object to processing, insofar as these rights do not conflict with the purpose of data processing (conclusion or performance of contracts).

The User shall not be entitled to receive information if the disclosure of such information is prohibited by law in the field of national security, national defence, public security, criminal law, as well as for the purpose of safeguarding public financial interests in tax matters or the monitoring and macroeconomic analysis of financial market participants.

10. Cookie processing

The Site collects data about visitors to the Site, enabling the Site operator to assess how useful the Site is and how it could be improved.

The Provider is constantly improving the Site in order to improve its use, so the Provider needs to know what information is important to visitors to the Site, how often they visit the Site, what devices and browsers they use, what regions visitors come from and what content they prefer to read.

The Provider uses Google Analytics, which enables the Provider to analyse how visitors use the Site. You can find out about the basic principles of Google Analytics on Google's website at The Provider uses the data collected for its legitimate interests, to improve its understanding of the needs of visitors to the Site and to improve the accessibility of the information made public by the Provider. The User may stop the collection of data by Google Analytics at any time, as described here:

The server hosting the Site may record the requests sent by the visitor (device used, browser, IP address, date and time of access). The data referred to in this paragraph are used for technical purposes: to ensure the proper functioning and security of the Site and to investigate possible security incidents. The collection of the data referred to in this paragraph is based on the legal interest of the Provider in ensuring the technical availability and integrity of the Site.

Cookies are small files which, each time a visitor visits the Site, are stored by the browser on the visitor's computer to the extent specified in the browser settings of the visitor's computer. Certain cookies are used to select and tailor the information and advertisements offered to the visitor based on the content that the visitor has viewed in the past, and thus make the use of the Site simple, convenient and individually tailored to the visitor. Further information about cookies, as well as how to delete and manage them, can be found at

The Site uses cookies to collect user IP addresses and browsing information and to enable the Site to remember visitor choices. Cookies allow the Provider to track Site traffic and user interactions with the Site - the Provider uses this data to analyse visitor behaviour and improve the Site. The legal basis for the use of cookies is the legitimate interest of the Provider in ensuring the functionality, availability and integrity of the Site.

The visitor may control and/or delete cookies at his/her own discretion. Further information on this process is available here The user can delete all cookies that are on their computer and most browsers can be set to block cookies from being placed on their computer. The visitor can refuse cookies in the browser menu or at To make the necessary settings, the visitor should consult the terms of his browser. If cookies are blocked, the visitor will have to manually adjust the settings each time the Site is visited and it is possible that some services and functions may not work.

Only those employees of the Provider who are responsible for the analysis of statistical data about visitors to the Site may have access to such data.

Unless otherwise stated, cookies are stored until the action for which they were collected is performed, after which they are deleted.

In the event that the Provider's Site contains a forum or comment option, in such case, the IP address is stored on the Site, as well as the data provided by the visitor. Cookies containing this data may be saved for one year for your convenience (so that you do not have to type it in again next time).


Cookies are small text files that can be used on websites to make the user experience more efficient.

The law states that we may store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this website. Other types of cookies require your permission.

This website uses different types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by third party services that appear on our pages.

Your consent applies to the following areas:

Cookies Necessary for the Functioning of the Store

Name Function
_ab Used in connection with access to admin.
_secure_session_id Used in connection with navigation through a storefront.
cart Used in connection with shopping cart.
cart_sig Used in connection with checkout.
cart_ts Used in connection with checkout.
checkout_token Used in connection with checkout.
secret Used in connection with checkout.
secure_customer_sig Used in connection with customer login.
storefront_digest Used in connection with customer login.
_shopify_u Used to facilitate updating customer account information.

Reporting and Analytics

Name Function
_tracking_consent Tracking preferences.
_landing_page Track landing pages
_orig_referrer Track landing pages
_s Shopify analytics.
_shopify_s Shopify analytics.
_shopify_sa_p Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.
_shopify_sa_t Shopify analytics relating to marketing & referrals.
_shopify_y Shopify analytics.
_y Shopify analytics.
_ga Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
_gat Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate
_gid Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress This cookie is used to count how many times a website has been visited by different visitors - this is done by assigning the visitor an ID, so the visitor does not get registered twice.
_hjFirstSeen This cookie is used to determine if the visitor has visited the website before, or if it is a new visitor on the website.
_hjIncludedInPageviewSample Determines if the user's navigation should be registered in a certain statistical place holder.
_hjTLDTest Detects the SEO-ranking for the current website. This service is part of a third-party statistics and analysis service.


Marketing cookies are used to track visitors to websites. The purpose is to show relevant ads and interests to individual users, making them more profitable for publishers and third-party advertisers.

_fbp Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers.
_gcl_au Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services.
ads/ga-audiences Used by Google AdWords to re-engage visitors that are likely to convert to customers based on the visitor's online behaviour across websites.
fr Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers.
IDE Used by Google DoubleClick to register and report the website user's actions after viewing or clicking one of the advertiser's ads with the purpose of measuring the efficacy of an ad and to present targeted ads to the user.
pagead/1p-user-list/# Tracks if the user has shown interest in specific products or events across multiple websites and detects how the user navigates between sites. This is used for measurement of advertisement efforts and facilitates payment of referral-fees between websites.
pagead/landing [x2] Collects data on visitor behaviour from multiple websites, in order to present more relevant advertisement - This also allows the website to limit the number of times that they are shown the same advertisement.
test_cookie Used to check if the user's browser supports cookies.
tr Used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as real time bidding from third party advertisers.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Tries to estimate the users' bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos.
YSC Registers a unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the user has seen.
yt.innertube::nextId Registers a unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the user has seen.
yt.innertube::requests Registers a unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the user has seen.
yt-remote-cast-available Stores the user's video player preferences using embedded YouTube video
yt-remote-cast-installed Stores the user's video player preferences using embedded YouTube video
yt-remote-connected-devices Stores the user's video player preferences using embedded YouTube video
yt-remote-device-id Stores the user's video player preferences using embedded YouTube video
yt-remote-fast-check-period Stores the user's video player preferences using embedded YouTube video
yt-remote-session-app Stores the user's video player preferences using embedded YouTube video
yt-remote-session-name Stores the user's video player preferences using embedded YouTube video

11. Third party websites

We may work with third parties who are authorised to place third party cookies on our websites or our services, apps and will do so with your consent. These service providers allow us to provide you with a better, faster and safer website experience. Please note that third party cookies are subject to third party privacy policies and we do not accept any responsibility for these privacy policies.

The "Facebook pixel" tool is installed on the website. The purpose of using this tool is to tailor content and advertisements to Facebook users. To learn more about Facebook's privacy policy, click here You can also change the advertising settings in your Facebook profile.

12. Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (the State Data Inspectorate). Documents shall be accepted by the State Data Inspectorate by post, electronic mail (documents signed with a secure electronic signature), or may be left at the 1st floor mailbox at 11/13 Blaumaņa Street, Riga. The State Data Inspectorate accepts electronic mail sent to the e-mail address

13. Validity of the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change and update the content of this privacy policy from time to time to clarify the description of how we process your data.

In light of the above, we encourage you to review this Privacy Policy regularly to keep up to date with how we process your personal data on the Site.