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Heat recovery unit Prana-200G PREMIUM

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This PRANA heat recovery unit model "Prana-200G PREMIUM" is designed for use in households (apartments, private houses, small office spaces and gyms, pre-schools.

This device helps to improve the air exchange in rooms, thus reducing airlessness and humidity, which are the cause of mold.

Prana-200G rekuperators
Prana-200G rekuperatoru tehniskais salīdzinājums

Prana-200G PREMIUM heat recovery unit advantages

  • Unique, patented ventilation technology with a copper heat exchanger;
  • High heat recovery rate (up to 97%);
  • Possibility to control incoming and outgoing airflow separately;
  • Intelligent control (Prana RC mobile app as well as remote control);
  • Autonomous control of the ventilation system - AUTO function;
  • Ensure and maintain a safe and healthy indoor climate;
  • Thorough, fine and natural purification of the intake air to maintain the users health;
  • Keep humidity levels within normal limits to prevent mold and its appearance and improve indoor comfort;
  • Ultra-quiet ventilation.

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Technical specification
Air exchange rates
Recommended room space per system
up to 60 m2
5-85 m3 / h
5-85 m3 / h
Heat recovery efficiency
up to 97%
Night mode air exchange
Air intake and exhaust occur simultaneously without mixing airflows
Dimensions and Weight
Length of the module
from 440 mm
200 mm
Mounting hole diameter
220 mm
Other parameters
Power Consumption
3,2 W / h to 74 W / h, depending on operating mode (class A according to EU standards)
Noise Level
13-50 dB
Management System
Remote control and "Prana Remote Control" mobile application
Mini Heating function
Insulation of the housing
The new design of the inner and outer ventilation grilles gives the ventilation system extra protection against rain, leaves and poplar fluff, and allows the airflow to be blocked completely if necessary.
Thanks to the natural antiseptic properties of copper, the copper heat exchanger provides excellent heat recovery, natural and clean air, free from germs and bacteria.
European Quality Certificate CE
2-year warranty
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