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Window reveal kit for Ambientika Heat recovery units

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Window reveal kit for Ambientika Heat recovery units.

Assembly kit for installing the AMBIENTIKA heat recovery unit with external part coming out of a window frame and not from an external wall as usual.

The package includes:

  • 1 x white PVC exterior grille with dimensions of 75 x 250 mm;
  • 1 x white PVC pipe with a 54 x 216 mm right-angled cross-section, externally insulated with 3-mm cladding, increasing the overall dimensions to 60 x 222 mm. At the opposite end, there is a ring clamp with a gasket designed to connect to the existing pipe unit with a 160 mm external diameter.
  • 1 x polystyrene closure measuring 54 x 216 mm, serving as a protective cover for the right-angled pipe. This cover should be removed once the installation of the AMBIENTIKA kit/unit is complete and before placing the outer grille.

The pipe measuring 60 x 222 mm, which can be adjusted to the appropriate length on-site if needed, should be installed with a 3° slope towards the grille. This angle ensures that any potential water accumulation within the pipe is effectively prevented.

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