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Heat recovery unit Ventoxx Harmony with metal cover

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Operating features

The Ventoxx Harmony features an elegant design, improved performance and low noise levels. Thanks to its design and high energy level, it effectively reduces heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer.

The heat recovery unit is equipped with a ceramic heat exchanger and a G2 air filter. The filter is reusable and washable.

The reversible DC fan (12V) is very economical and quiet.

The heat recovery unit has a ventilation cover on the outside to prevent precipitation and harmful objects from entering the fan. The cover is white and can be painted in your preferred color.

The heat recovery unit is designed to be installed in a drilled hole in the external wall of the building.


Package includes:

  • 1x - Ventoxx Harmony heat recovery unit
  • 1x - Remote control
  • 1x - Outdoor ventilation cover.

The remote control allows you to set 3 smart fan speeds and choose from 11 operating modes. E.g.:

  • room ventilation with regeneration;
  • supply air to the room with recuperation;
  • room air discharge without regeneration;
  • intensive ventilation - inflow;
  • intensive ventilation - exhaust.

Technical specification


Ventoxx Harmony technical parameters
Recommended room space per system
up to 40 m2
Number of speed modes
Number of modes
Air flow
17 ; 30 ; 50 m3/h
Heat recovery efficiency
86 %
Noise level at 3m
12 ; 17 ; 22 decibels
Power consumption
1.6 - 2.6 W/h
Energy efficiency class
230 V
Operating temperature
-20 to +50 °C
Heat exchanger type
Ceramic Heat Accumulator (Germany)
G2, washable
Dimensions and Weight
150 mm
Mounting hole diameter
160 - 180 mm
75 mm
Inner cover
248 x 186 mm
European Quality Certificate CE
2-year warranty
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