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Silencer for Ambientika Heat recovery units

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Silencer for Ambientika Heat recovery units.

The Ambientika ventilation units boasts an impressive 43 dB reduction in indoor-to-outdoor noise transmission. For those seeking even greater noise attenuation, this silencer presents an ideal solution, further reducing noise by an additional 10.15 dB(A).

Nevertheless, it is worth considering the necessity of this enhancement, as it does entail a slight limitation in air volume. It is essential to ensure a minimum wall thickness of 35 cm is maintained.


Crafted from thermoregulated polyester fiber, silencer holds Class 1/F1 certification and features a self-extinguishing protective film, rendering it impervious to water, oil, and dust. This material excels in both sound insulation and durability.

Moreover, the silencer has obtained certifications for use in ventilation ducts, attesting to its structural robustness and its ability to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

Our ø160 pipe silencer is constructed with four layers of PET, each 20 mm thick, meticulously bonded together to achieve an overall thickness of 85 mm, ensuring certified airflow passage.

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