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  • Renson CO2 monitor measures air temperature and CO2
  • Renson CO2 monitor dimensions
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Renson CO2 monitor

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The Renson CO2 monitor is a measuring instrument for monitoring indoor air quality. Good indoor air quality helps people to work efficiently and to feel good. CO2 concentration is an important indicator of good indoor air quality. That is why the Renson CO2 monitor is a useful tool in every room.

In addition, you can purchase a Battery Renson CO2 monitor for wireless operation.

Technical specifications


Renson CO2 monitor features
CO2 measurement range
0 - 3000 ppm
Operating temperature
0 - 50 °C
0 - 2000 ppm: ±7%, > 2000 ppm: ±10%
AC/DC adapter
DC output range
5 VDC / 300 mA
3 LED indicators
Current air quality (IAQ)
Management system
Windows XP, Windows 7
USB function
Recording data
Real-time schedule
CO2 and temperature
Historical data
Date, time, CO2 and temperature
Dimensions and weight
116 x 23.8 x 38 mm
390 g
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