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Heat recovery unit HELTY HRV Flow ULTRA Elite

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HELTY Wall-mounted HRV, heat recovery unit Flow ULTRA Elite.

A wall-mountable HRV solution featuring a non-intrusive installation method, delivering airflow capabilities of up to 120m3/h and boasting exceptional energy efficiency performance.

Improve indoor air quality

Introducing Flow ULTRA, the latest addition to the Helty line of wall-mounted units. It symbolizes the ideal advancement in HRV retrofit technology tailored for medium-sized rooms, open spaces, and small offices. It caters to the essential requirement of adequate air exchange in freshly renovated environments while upholding the energy efficiency attained through building envelope insulation.

  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 88%;
  • 120 m3/h maximum airflow;
  • 19.5 dB sound pressure level;
  • Constantly clean air with F7/G1 filters;

Increased Airflow Capacity and Easy Installation

Flow ULTRA represents Helty's latest continuous dual-flow ventilation unit, designed to cater to individual rooms with adjustable airflow rates spanning from 15 to 120 m3/h. This decentralized HRV unit facilitates installation with two 100 mm diameter core drillings on the perimeter wall and is accompanied by a standard white ABS cover, ensuring a smooth aesthetic blend with the surrounding environment.

Available in 3 versions (Standard, PLUS, ELITE)

  • All Flow ULTRA models include an infrared remote control for unit management.
  • The Flow ULTRA Plus version is enriched with the Air Guard app, featuring a humidity sensor for automated ventilation.
  • Flow ULTRA Elite, is designed for individuals particularly sensitive to indoor pollutants, additionally monitoring CO2 and VOC levels and adjusting airflow rates automatically to maintain consistent air hygiene.
Technical specification
Air exchange rates
Recommended room space per system
up to 30 m2
15/30/45/60/80/120 m3/h
Airflow modes
night + 4 stages + hyperventilation
Heat exchanger
enthalpy with cross-flow countercurrent
Heat recovery efficiency
up to 88%
Power Consumption
3-55 W
Energy class(cooling / temperature / heating)
A+ / A / E
Sound pressure level
19,5/24,5/31,5/36,5/43,5/51,5 dB(A)
Management System
Remote control, Modbus RTU rs485
F7 / G1 / G1
Filter replacement alert
Humidity sensor
Air Guard App*
CO2 and VOC sensor*
Dimensions (W x H x D)
1000 x 320 x 180 mm
Core-drilled holes
2x Ø100 mm
14 kg
European Quality Certificate CE
2-year warranty

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