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Heat recovery unit Awenta AHR160

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AHR160 is a new generation of decentralized ventilation devices facilitating ventilation while reducing heat loss. Thanks to the use of an accumulation heat exchanger, the AHR retains and stores heat energy to transfer it to the cooler, supplied air.

Principle of operation

The main function of the AHR160 device is to ensure air exchange in the room while reducing heat loss. The recovery of heat lost in the ventilation process is possible thanks to the use of a ceramic accumulation exchanger, which retains and accumulates thermal energy and then warms the cooler air supplied from the outside and vice versa if supplied air is warmer than in room, it cools the air.


During exhaust operation, the heat is stored in a ceramic heat exchanger. After the exchanger is completely warmed up, it automatically changes the direction of operation.


The heat accumulated in the exchanger is collected by the supply air stream and then transferred to the room. After the exchanger cools down, it automatically changes the direction of operation.


Wireless communication

Heat recovery unit AHR160 has the ability to connect several devices installed in one or more rooms with the possibility of pairing them via wireless communication. No hassle of connecting devices with a power cord. Connection possible in various modes, e.g. both units only supply or only exhaust and alternate operation, one unit blows in and the other blows out.

Arrangement example

AHR160 has been designed so that it is possible to create a network of devices operating simultaneously in many rooms in one house. The more of them are installed, the more fresh air is supplied to the interior. The lower heating costs during the heating seasons is the additional value of having AHR installed.


The LED display located on the bottom of the fan provides to the users the important information about the device itself and surrounding conditions, such as humidity level, air temperature, fan speed (gear), air flow direction, time remaining until the device is turned off (if TIMER has been set) and also the current time.

Device components

  • The ceramic exchanger - The ceramic exchanger is the heart of the device and one of its most important elements.
  • Filters - The AHR is equipped with two air purifying filters.
  • Automatic shuttersAutomatic shutters that cut off the air flow when the device is turned off and a soundproofed internal panel increase the comfort of use.


  • Humidity sensor - Device is turned on when the humidity level in the room where it is installed exceeds the set value. This value can be set by the user in the range from 10% to 90% in 10% increments.
  • TimerThe device has the ability to automatically turn off after 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 120 and 180 minutes from turning on. The display shows the time remaining until shutdown.
  • Remote control - The remote control for AHR160 allows the device to work in the 6 modes
Technical specification
Awenta AHR160 technical parameters
Recommended room space per system
up to 40 m2
Number of speed modes
Air flow
23 ; 34 ; 52 m3/h
Heat recovery efficiency
93 %
Noise level at 3m
24 ; 34 ; 39 decibels
Power consumption
4 - 7 W
24 V DC
Heat exchanger type
Ceramic Heat Accumulator
Air purifying filters
Dimensions and Weight
160 mm
Mounting hole diameter
160 - 180 mm
260 - 540 mm
European Quality Certificate CE
2-year warranty
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