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  • Jape Grön-Fri® Direkt 0,5L Spray against algae, moss and lichens
  • Jape Grön-Fri® Direkt 0,5L on roof
  • Jape Grön-Fri® Direkt 0,5L on stone
  • Jape Grön-Fri® Direkt 0,5L on wood doors
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Jape Grön-Fri® Direkt 0,5L

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Effective against algae, moss and lichens. Suitable for small surfaces such as fences, roof elements, rain gutters, wooden mouldings, walkways, tombstones, balconies, sheds, etc., as well as parts of roofs and facades. Volume 0,5 litres.

  • Algae, moss and lichens die immediately;
  • Practical - bottle ready for use;
  • Suitable for small areas;
  • Neutralises nutrient build-up and prevents the formation of new soil;
  • Biosoluble protectant;
  • Functionality and efficacy confirmed after testing by a Swedish research institute;
  • Does not cause adverse effects on building materials.


    Exterior of building


    Algae, mosses, lichens


    For wood, concrete, brick, plaster, stone, tile, tin surfaces




    Ready to use


    0.5L Grön-Fri Direkt - enough solution for about 2.5 m2

    Type of use:

    GrönFri Direkt is sprayed to a high level of surface wetting. On exposed surfaces, such as roofs, the residue will eventually dissipate, without the need for further treatment. Algae and moss usually disappear within a year, lichens within 2 years. Vertical surfaces such as facades should be rinsed with detergent after application of Grön-Fri Direkt to remove residues completely.


    Can be processed: garden furniture, balconies, verandas, vans, trailers, statues, fences, sunshades, awnings, floorboards, pipes, gutters, boats, rubbish bins, grave markers, walls, stairs, doors, gates, roof elements, asphalt paths, boards, bridges, textiles, sails, dog houses, cars, pots, greenhouses, rocks, signage, windows, lamps, outdoor lighting, decorative stones, railings, glass curtains, benches, mobile homes, plastic furniture, trellises, deckchairs, playgrounds, sandboxes, trees, mailboxes, tents, windowsills, garden decor, garden gnomes, bird feeders, electrical cabinets, metal roofs, sheet metal parts, swings and much more.

    Technical specifications
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 10 x 4 x 26
    Weight (g) 550
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