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  • Jape Malningstvatt 1L Facade cleaner before painting
  • Jape Malningstvatt result after washing
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Jape Målningstvätt 1L

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Effective facade cleaner before painting, suitable for all surfaces. Volume 1 liter

  • Does not cause negative effects on building materials;
  • Biodegradable and protection agent;
  • Functionality and effectiveness confirmed after testing by a Swedish research institute;
  • Can be used with Grön-Fri and Prick-Fri.


      Exterior of buildings


      Dirt, grease, etc.


      Wood, concrete, plaster, glass


      Brush, paintbrush, sponge, roller


      1L per 14L of water


      1 litre of product - 15 litres of finished solution is enough for 50 m2


      • Wash from top to bottom to avoid streaking;
      • Wash small areas as much as possible to avoid drying out;
      • Avoid direct sunlight;
      • Plants need to be covered.

      CAUTION! If lichens or moss grow on the surface to be treated, or if mould is visible, the surface should be treated with Grön-Fri or Prick-Fri at least one day before washing. The detergent can erode minerals, so it should be avoided as far as possible on glass or brick surfaces. The facade must dry completely before painting. When painting the facade, follow the paint manufacturer's instructions.

      Technical specifications
      Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 8 x 8 x 25
      Weight (g) 1050
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