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  • Jape Grön-Fri® 1L Liquid against algae, moss and lichens
  • Jape Grön-Fri® 1L Liquid against algae, moss and lichens on roof
  • Jape Grön-Fri® 1L Liquid against algae, moss and lichens on house wall
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Jape Grön-Fri® 1L

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Effective against algae, moss and lichens. Suitable for small surfaces such as fences, roof elements, rain gutters, wooden mouldings, walkways, tombstones, balconies, sheds, etc., as well as parts of roofs and facades. Volume 1 liter.

  • Algae, moss and lichens die immediately;
  • Neutralises nutrient build-up and prevents the formation of new soil;
  • Biosoluble protectant;
  • Does not cause adverse effects on building materials.


    Exterior of building


    Algae, mosses, lichens


    For wood, concrete, brick, plaster, stone, tile, tin surfaces




    1 part Grön-Fri with 4 water parts


    1L Grön-Fri - enough solution for about 25 m2


    • It is recommended to wet surfaces that absorb liquids well 1 hour before treatment with Grön-Fri to reduce product consumption;
    • For best results, do not use the product in very hot weather to prevent it from drying out and evaporating too quickly;
    • Do not use before rain or if the air temperature is below +5C;
    • Large moss growths must be removed in advance with a brush;
    • Flowers and plants must be covered;
    • Roof rainwater must not be used for irrigation, nor must it be discharged into gardening dams;

    CAUTION! Flowers and plants must be covered as the product may damage them. Roof rainwater mixed with Grön-Fri cannot be used for irrigation and must not be used in gardening dams.

    Technical specifications
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 10 x 4 x 26
    Weight (g) 550
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