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Heat recovery unit Pax Eos 100H

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The Pax Eos 100H ventilation system is easily installed in both existing and newly built homes. It effectively eliminates moisture, pollutants, and other harmful airborne particles, while also improving the indoor air quality through introducing warm air into all connected rooms – not just the bathroom, but also two adjacent bedrooms. By choosing a single Eos unit, you can ensure your loved ones are breathing fresh and ventilated air in the areas of your home where you spend most of your time. Two models are available: the Eos 100H+ is a plug-and-cable model, and the Eos 100H is designed for fixed installation.

Pax Eos with Preheating, a remarkable air heat recovery system designed to enhance your living space. Here are some key features that make the Eos the perfect choice:

  1. Preheating Advantage: When it's cold outside, the Eos preheats incoming air to at least 18 °C, ensuring a cozy environment right from the start.

  2. Eco and Comfort Modes: Tailor the Eos to your preferences. In Eco mode, it maximizes energy efficiency during cold weather. For a consistent inflow of comfortable, artificial red air, switch to Comfort mode.

  3. Scandinavian Durability: The Eos is built to withstand demanding Scandinavian conditions. It's thoroughly tested, S-marked, double-insulated, and IP24-rated, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

  4. Reliable EC Motor: The Eos utilizes an EC motor, known for its reliability and energy efficiency. With a brushless DC motor, you can enjoy peace of mind and optimal functionality.

  5. No Condensation Drain: Thanks to intelligent control, the Eos doesn't require a condensation drain. The system regulates airflows to prevent condensation, ensuring a dry and comfortable environment.

  6. Dual Filter System: Enjoy excellent air quality with Eos' dual filters. Replaceable every six months, these filters are easy to change and contribute to maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

Upgrade your home with the Pax Eos and experience its exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and superior air quality. Say goodbye to cold drafts and hello to a cozy, comfortable living environment. Choose the Eos and breathe easy.

    Technical specifications
    Exhaust air volume flow [m³ / h]
     - 90
    Power consumption [W]
     - 25
    Operating voltage [V AC]
     - 230
    Protection class
     - IP24
    Installation  - Ceiling void, Ceiling, Wall
    Diameter hole [mm]
     - 100
    Width [mm]  - 720
    Height [mm]  - 191
    Depth [mm]  - 340
    Weight [kg]  - 9,5
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