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Heat recovery unit HELTY HRV Flow PLUS

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HELTY Wall-mounted HRV, heat recovery unit FlowPLUS.

This HRV system offers continuous dual-flow ventilation with enthalpy heat recovery, effective air filtration, and includes a hygrometric sensor for humidity regulation.

Quiet and automatic with humidity sensor

This app-controlled ventilation system boasts an appealing design and provides efficient mechanical ventilation. It's wall-mounted and offers "room to room" air exchange based on individual room requirements. It operates quietly, with a special night mode that ensures it remains unobtrusive during nighttime rest.

  • Controllable through Smart phone or tablet via "Air Guard" app.
  • Prevents problem condensation and mould;
  • Super quiet: 18dB Sound Pressure Level;
  • Automatic air change management based on humidity values;
  • Certified heat recovery up to 91%;

This wall-mounted HRV system with dual-flow capabilities ensures continuous moisture control and automatically adjusts ventilation to maintain comfort while conserving energy.

Easy to use: The ventilation system is easily controllable using a smartphone or tablet through the user-friendly Air Guard app. This app, created by Helty, links each unit to the Wi-Fi network, enabling you to manage HRV settings and monitor temperature and humidity levels in individual rooms.

Technical specification


Air exchange rates
Recommended room space per system
up to 30 m2
10/17/26/37/42 m3/h
Heat recovery efficiency
up to 91%
Power Consumption
3,6 - 20 W
Energy class
A+ / A / E
Sound ressure level
18,0/23,4/30,5/39,2 dB(A)
Management System
Remote control
Dimensions (H x L x D)
695 x 353 x 152 mm
3 kg
European Quality Certificate CE
2-year warranty
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