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  • Rekuperators Helty HRV FlowELITE - CO2, VOC, mitruma sensoru vadība
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Heat recovery unit HELTY HRV Flow ELITE

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HELTY Wall-mounted HRV, heat recovery unit FlowELITE.

An intelligent dual-flow mechanical ventilation system equipped with air quality sensors who makes device operate automatically.

Improve indoor air quality

The high-end Helty wall-mounted HRVs provide decentralized ventilation with advanced features including humidity, CO2, and VOC sensors, a Color Trust indicator light for indoor air quality monitoring, free cooling, and mobile app control. The addition of designer covers and LED lighting in accessories makes Helty FlowELITE a unique and elegant addition to any room, promoting both style and well-being.

  • Controllable through Smart phone or tablet via "Air Guard" app;
  • Humidity, CO2 and VOC sensors with automatic control;
  • LED room lighting;
  • Smart air exchange management.

This advanced wall-mounted HRV system diligently monitors the air quality within your home.

Easy to control: With specialized IAQ sensors, you can continuously track humidity, CO2, and VOC levels, ensuring constant awareness of your room's air quality. This enables the ventilation unit to autonomously boost airflow as needed, swiftly reverting to standard operation once optimal indoor conditions are reestablished.

Technical specification
Air exchange rates
Recommended room space per system
up to 30 m2
10/17/26/37/42 m3/h
Heat recovery efficiency
up to 91%
Power Consumption
3,6 - 20 W
Energy class
A+ / A / E
Sound ressure level
18,0/23,4/30,5/39,2 dB(A)
Management System
Remote control
Dimensions (H x L x D)
695 x 353 x 152 mm
3 kg
European Quality Certificate CE
2-year warranty
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