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  • Rekuperators Helty HRV Flow40 - sienā iebūvējama rekuperācijas iekārta
  • Rekuperators Helty HRV Flow40 - iebūvējams sienā
  • Rekuperators Helty HRV Flow40 - iebūve vertikāli un horizontāli
  • Rekuperators Helty HRV Flow40 PURE - vadāms caur lietotni
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Heat recovery unit HELTY HRV Flow40

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HELTY Flow40 Built-in recessed heat recovery unit.

A decentralized ductless HRV, designed for effective indoor air exchange, featuring concealed in-wall installation.

Improve indoor air quality

An HRV system that remains unseen yet excels in air exchange and purification, all without taking up space: Flow40 seamlessly integrates into the wall, eliminating the need for piping or false ceilings, with only the front cover visible. Its single-room ventilation feature enables tailored adjustments to meet each room's specific needs, ensuring efficient system management and personalized comfort.

  • The invisible solution!
  • Advanced air filtration;
  • TUV certified 91% heat recovery;
  • Indoor air quality control sensors;

Perfect for renovations and energy efficiency enhancements.

The wall-recessed HRV system is easy to design and versatile for residential renovation. Flow40 ventilation system suits walls of various thicknesses (minimum 335 mm), with or without insulation, making installation straightforward.

Flow40 uses a cross-flow enthalpy heat recovery system to reclaim up to 91% of extracted air heat, preventing energy loss from cold air introduction and maintaining optimal humidity levels in the intake air, never making it too dry.

Prevention of condensation, mold, and pollutants.

In the STANDARD version, the HRV unit is furnished with a hygrometer for constant monitoring of room humidity, enabling automatic and efficient regulation of forced ventilation to prevent condensation and mold.

In the PURE version, which includes all features as standard, the CO2 and VOC sensor, along with the Air Guard monitoring app, provide comprehensive control over indoor air quality at any time of the day.


For the fully wall recessed HRV unit, an HRV machine plus the relevant setup and cover are required!


Technical specification
Air exchange rates
Recommended room space per system
up to 30 m2
10/17/26/37/42 m3/h
Airflow modes
night + 4 stages + hyperventilation
Heat exchanger
enthalpy cross-counter flow
Heat recovery efficiency
up to 91%
Power Consumption
3,6-20 W
Energy class(cooling / temperature / heating)
A+ / A / E
Sound pressure level
15/20,9/26,3/34,5 dB(A)
Management System
Control panel
F7+G4 / G2
Filter replacement alert
Humidity sensor*
STANDARD / PURE versions
Air Guard App*
PURE version
CO2 and VOC sensor*
PURE version
Dimensions and weight
Unit Dimensions (W x H x D)
108 x 408 x 268 mm
Preparatory Dimensions (W x H x D)
145 x 473 x 517 mm
5 kg
European Quality Certificate CE
2-year warranty

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