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Heat recovery unit HELTY Flow1000

Find out the right system for your space by contacting us at, filling in the contact form or giving us a call!

Find out the right system for your space, contact us at, fill in the contact form or call us!



Introducing Flow1000, the newest member of the HRV Community family. It addresses the need for optimal air exchange in busy spaces like classrooms, kindergartens, offices, and shops.

Designed for crowded areas, Flow1000 ensures high air quality without compromising comfort or energy efficiency. With a variable airflow of up to 1000 m3/h, it's perfect for integrating decentralised HRV systems into existing buildings, eliminating the need for complex construction.

Flow1000 comes in different versions, including Flow1000 Silent for discreet ceiling installation and FlowM1000 with a white wooden vertical cabinet structure. Its 80% heat recovery efficiency, G3+F9 filters for excellent air purification, and easy maintenance make it the ideal solution for HRV retrofitting.

Installation is hassle-free, requiring only two 250 mm core-drilled holes in the external wall for air intake and extraction flows. It can also be managed with 4 x 125 mm conduits using accessories. Plus, the MODBUS output ensures easy control via home automation systems. Upgrade to Flow1000 for uncompromising HRV performance.

The beneficial impacts of HRV in educational settings and workplaces.

  • Maintaining a pleasant microclimate, characterized by consistent temperature and well-regulated humidity, enhances physical well-being and facilitates an improved learning environment;
  • Minimizing excess CO2 levels helps prevent drowsiness, fatigue, and headaches, ultimately enhancing concentration and attention levels;
  • Efficiently dispersing and extracting volatile organic compounds, particulates, and biological pollutants such as molds lowers the likelihood of allergies and respiratory issues, promoting a healthier indoor environment.

Data access through HCloud

  • Helty's innovative web-based platform, enables continuous management and control of individual HRV Community units. This facilitates convenient remote checks and technical support when necessary. The app, developed with a comprehensive approach, allows for checking and monitoring the status of machines with ease.
  • HCloud provides real-time monitoring of key air health parameters—temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOC—by continuously collecting on-site data. It also offers a historical view of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) data trends in the monitored rooms.

Control panel

  1. On/Off Timer and LED Dimmer: Activate the automatic timer for switch-off and customize LED intensity for optimal lighting control.
  2. Ventilation Adjustment: Set four different ventilation speeds to match user preferences.
  3. Night Mode: Optimize HRV for quiet, continuous air exchange, dimming LEDs for quality sleep. Press and hold to deactivate LEDs.
  4. Hyperventilation: Boost airflow for rapid air exchange and intense room ventilation for short durations.
  5. Free Cooling/Free Heating: Intelligent technology stops heat recovery if outdoor air is cooler, providing natural indoor cooling. In contrast, Free Heating utilizes warmer external air during milder seasons or warm winter days.
  6. Filter Replacement Alert: Receive a timely warning to replace the filter and ensure optimal unit performance.
Technical specification
Air exchange rates
300/400/550/700/850/1000 m3/h
Flow adjustment
night + 4 stages + hypervent.
Heat recovery efficiency
up to 80%
Power Consumption
25/44/77/130/210/320 W
Energy class
G3+F9 / G3
Filter energy performace
Filter efficiency class
A+ / A / E
Sound ressure level
21.5/26/33/42/43.5/45 dB(A)
Management System
Modbus, Remote control
Core-drilled holes
2x Ø250 / 4x Ø125 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D)
1320 x 392 x 10202 mm
73 kg
European Quality Certificate CE
2-year warranty

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