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Olimpia Splendid

Air Purifier Olimpia Splendid Aura Di

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The Olimpia Splendid AURA DI air purifier aims to provide more breathable and fresher air. To maintain your health and the health of your family, you need an air purifier at home that cleans the polluted air in your home.

The air is filtered in different phases, where different types of filters capture different air pollutants according to their size. After filtration, the air is returned to the environment, already purified. This air renewal is constant.

The device self-adjusts the fan speed according to the detected air quality. Aura Di is a triple filtration purifier - with HEPA 11 with 95% particle efficiency down to 0.3 microns, UV-C lamp and ioniser - ideal for easy air quality improvement in your home.

3 Filtration Modes:

  • Anti-dust filter
  • HEPA filter with 95% particle capture
  • Activated carbon filter for odor prevention.

UV sterilizer and ionizer:

Thanks to the UV light and ionizer, it kills bacteria, germs and viruses and ensures pleasant and fresh air.

Automatic power control:

The device not only senses the air quality in the room, but also adjusts the ventilation speed itself depending on the detected and sensed air quality.


  • 3 filtration levels: dust filter/HEPA filter/activated carbon filter
  • Germicidal UV light
  • Filters removable from front panel
  • Ionizer
  • Digital particle concentration indicator
  • Automatic fan speed operation depending on detected air quality
  • Filter life up to 2000 h
  • 8 h timer
  • Sleep/turbo function
  • Child safety
  • 3 air speed settings
    Technical specifications
    Aura Di Specifications
    Recommended room space
    up to 30 m3
    Speed modes
    up to 340 m3/h
    Noise Level
    24 - 54 dB
    Air purifier
    Purification method (disinfection)
    Ionisation / UV rays
    ionisation / air purification / timer / child safety
    Efficient cleaning
    allergens / viruses and bacteria / odours / dust / animal hair
    Operating mode
    automatic / night / turbo / manual
    dust filter / HEPA filter / active carbon filter
    Protection level
    Power consumption
    80 W
    220 - 240V / 50Hz
    Dimensions / Package dimensions
    380 mm / 438 mm
    590 mm / 675 mm
    210 mm / 262 mm
    6,9 kg / 8,6 kg
    Child lock
    Removable filters
    European Quality Certificate CE.
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