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  • Air Dehumidifier Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E14CG-S1
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Mitsubishi Electric

Air Dehumidifier "Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E14CG-S1"

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The new Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E14CG dehumidifier, equipped with the most advanced technology, is extremely compact, light, quiet, durable and extremely good-looking, as well as energy efficient, making it easy to use in the home.

It is ideal for use in the following spaces:

- Living rooms;
- Garages;
- In summer houses;
- Basements;
- In Cottages;
- etc.

Dehumidification can be automatic or programmed. The dehumidifier has the following functions: on/off timer, mold elimination function, intelligent laundry drying function with 12-hour programme and more.

Thanks to the dual-layer filter, this dehumidifier not only effectively removes residual moisture, but also purifies the room air.


- LCD display
- Automatic or manual dehumidification
- Special function for low temperature operation
- SMART laundry drying function
- Automatic airflow direction adjustment
- On/off timer
- Air purification filters
- Child safety switch
- Mold protection
- Possibility to drain water into the sewer system.

Technical Specifications
Main parameters
Recommended room area per system
100 m2
Moisture collection capacity at 30 ˚C 80% humidity
14 L in one day
Water tank capacity
4 litres. If the tank is filled to 3.8 litres, the device stops working
Child safety lock
Ambient operating temperature
+1° – +35° C
LCD display
Displays current humidity
50/55/60/65/70 %, and automatic mode
High humidity warning
Yes, also in standby mode
On/off timer
Yes, with 1-9 hour range
"Sleep" timer
Airflow direction control
Yes, automatic, 3-position
Connection to sewerage
Yes, but the connecting pipe is not included
Easy Dehumidifying
Yes, reduces the feeling of damp air
Mildew Guard
Yes, the inside of the device is dried daily (this prevents mold growth and odours)
Device is running slowly regardless of humidity
Intelligent Laundry
Yes. The unit automatically selects the operating parameters according to the humidity level and stops when the laundry is dry
Low Temperature
Yes. The unit automatically and continuously measures the air flow temperature
Yes, 5 positions
Air Purifier
Yes. This function only cleans the air, the humidifying function does not work at that time. The air is purified by silver ion and odour elimination filters
Dimensions and weight
570 x 384 x 187 mm
11,7 kg
Other indicators
220-240 V, 50 Hz
Electricity consumption
260 W
Power consumption in standby mode
~1,5 W
Noise level
31-41 dB
European Quality Certificate CE.
2-year warranty.
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