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Centralised Heat recovery system KOMFOVENT Domekt CF 500 F C6M

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The KOMFOVENT CF 500 F C6M is a reliable and efficient centralised heat recovery system. This A+ energy class system achieves 650 m3/h maximal air flow with its two integrated heaters, great for cold weather areas. The Smart C6M control system ensures optimal indoor comfort with 100% by-pass for free cooling and summer night cooling. The advanced Smart defrost technology ensures minimum temperature change, while either the condensing counterflow plate heat exchanger, or the diffusion-enthalpy counterflow plate exchanger, will save heat and cold, maintain optimal indoor air quality, and eliminate humidity.

  • Maximal air flow 650 m3/h
  • A+ energy class
  • 2 integrated heaters - designed for operation in cold climate zones
  • Smart C6M control system
  • 100 % by-pass for free cooling and summer night cooling
  • Smart defrost technology
  • Very low
  • (1st option) Condensing counterflow plate heat exchanger works effectively up to -4°C, perfect solution for premises with high humidity, as it effectively eliminates humidity in the cold seasons
  • (2nd option) The diffusion-enthalpy counterflow plate heat exchanger saves heat and cold, maintains an optimal indoor microclimate, is less sensitive to icing, and regenerates humidity

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    Technical specifications
    Domekt CF 500 F C6M
    Maximal air flow
    650 m3/h
    Maximal air flow
    181 l/s
    Recommended room area per system
    Suitable for spacious residential premises, smaller facilities, stores, or alike commercial premises
    Reference flow rate
    0,13 m3/s
    Reference pressure difference
    50 Pa
    0,22 W/(m3/h)
    Thermal efficiency of heat recovery
    89 %
    Supply voltage
    1~230 V
    Electric power input of the fan drive at maximum flow rate
    167 W
    Heat exchanger types
    Condensing / Diffusion-enthalpy counterflow plate heat exchanger
    M5 (optional F7)
    Noise level
    45 dB(A)
    Diameter holes
    4 x Ø200
    1045 mm
    292 mm
    1400 mm
    93 kg
    Maintenance space
    560 mm
    A+ energy class
    European Quality Certificate CE.
    2-year warranty
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