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Centralised Heat recovery system KOMFOVENT Domekt R 200 V C8

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The KOMFOVENT Domekt R 200 V C8 is an advanced centralised heat recovery system built for the harsh conditions of northern climates. Featuring a maximum air flow of 233 m3/h, the unit is perfect for installation in the kitchen above the cooker. With its A energy class, Smart C8 control system, and condensing rotary heat exchanger, it helps maintain an optimal indoor microclimate by efficiently recovering the heat in low temperatures and regenerating humidity in winter.

  • Maximal air flow 233 m3/h
  • A energy class
  • Residential ventilation unit with rotary heat exchanger for northern climate countries
  • Smart C8 control system
  • Perfect for installation in the kitchen above the cooker
  • Can be ordered with integrated kitchen hood
  • Condensing rotary heat exchanger effectively recovers the heat in low temperatures, maintains an optimal indoor microclimate, regenerates humidity in winter

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    Technical specifications
    Domekt R 200 V C8
    Maximal air flow
    233 m3/h
    Maximal air flow
    65 l/s
    Recommended room area per system
    up to 135 m2
    Reference flow rate
    0,05 m3/s
    Reference pressure difference
    50 Pa
    0,29 W/(m3/h)
    Thermal efficiency of heat recovery
    80 %
    Supply voltage
    1~230 V
    Electric power input of the fan drive at maximum flow rate
    63 W
    Heat exchanger types
    Condensing rotary heat exchanger
    M5 (optional F7)
    Noise level
    38 dB(A)
    Diameter holes
    160 mm
    325 mm
    605 mm
    599 mm
    39 kg
    Maintenance space
    300 mm
    A energy class
    European Quality Certificate CE.
    2-year warranty
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