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AIRVALENT GOLD indoor air quality sensor

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AIRVALENT GOLD indoor air quality sensor- small and easy to carry.

Stay updated on the CO₂, humidity, and temperature conditions in your home or workplace using AIRVALENT App (Available on Google Play an App Store)! This app allows you to monitor carbon dioxide (CO₂), relative humidity, and temperature levels in real-time, ensuring you have up-to-date information on your environment. Additionally, you can track and analyze historical data to monitor improvements over time, empowering you to make informed decisions to enhance your indoor air quality.

This indoor air quality sensor has a aluminum gold color casing and the filling is available in different colours:

Diamond: Enhance your style with the luxurious Diamond casing of the AIRVALENT monitor. Made from anodized aluminum in a stunning golden hue, it exudes sophistication, bringing opulence to any setting.

Treetops: Experience the natural allure of the Treetops casing of the AIRVALENT monitor. Enjoy the sights of a verdant forest and breathe in the outdoor essence, all supported by AIRVALENT's advanced air quality monitoring technology.

Luxurious: Indulge in pure elegance with the Luxurious casing of the AIRVALENT monitor. Featuring a sophisticated golden design against a sleek black backdrop, it offers timeless beauty alongside top-tier air quality monitoring for your space.

Mandala: Discover the captivating allure of the Mandala casing for the AIRVALENT monitor. With intricate patterns and harmonious designs reminiscent of ancient artistry and spiritual tranquility, it guarantees a serene and balanced indoor environment.

Technical specifications
Device parameters
Connectable to AIRVALENT App
Bluetooth reception radius - 10m
Aluminum casing color
Sound indicator
Dimensions and weight
Length x Width x Depth
50 x 50 x 13 mm
50 g
European Quality Certificate CE.
2-year warranty

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