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Olimpia Splendid

Air conditioner UNICO R 10 HP - OLIMPIA SPLENDID without outdoor unit - cooling and heat pump

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Air conditioner UNICO R 10 HP - OLIMPIA SPLENDID cooling and heating. Without outdoor block on wall.

Air conditioner with heat pump, designed for freezing latitudes, without an outdoor unit.

Provides up to 2.3 kW of power plus an additional 2 kW of electric resistance in a single unit. The outdoor unit? Gone! Only two holes are visible on the exterior surface.


It uses R410A reclaimed refrigerant gas, identical in purity and specifications to virgin refrigerant. This gas is reclaimed from existing industrial processes and then re-processed. By avoiding the production of new refrigerant, Unico supports the development of a circular economy. R410A: a refrigerant identical to the original, but recovered from existing systems, promoting a more sustainable circular economy.


Unico R is designed for the coldest temperatures. When outdoor temperatures drop below 2°C, the heating mode is activated using electric heating elements and the fan only. For temperatures above 2°C, heating is achieved through a heat pump. The switch between these modes is entirely automatic.


Heat pump air conditioner. This feature allows you to replace or supplement traditional heating during intermediate seasons.


  • Cooling, heating , dehumidification and ventilation
  • Auto function: adjusts the operating parameters based on the room temperature.
  • Sleep function: gradually increases the set temperature and reduces noise for better night-time comfort.

Device features:

  • Version: HP (Cooling and heating)
  • Cooling class: A
  • Refrigerant Gas R410A reclaimed
  • Installation versatility: top or bottom wall
  • Easy installation: Unico can be installed from the inside in a few minutes
  • Wireless wall control (Optional)
  • Multifunctional remote control supplied
  • 24h Timer
Technical specifications
Unico R 10 HP Specifications
Air flow rate for cooling (max/med/min)
490 / 430 / 360 m3/h
Air flow rate for heating (max/med/min)
410 / 350 / 270 m3/h
External air flow rate in cooling (max/min)
520 / 350 m3/h
External air flow rate in heating (max/min)
520 / 350 m3/h
Internal/External ventilation speeds
3 / 3
Dehumidification capacity
0,9 l/h
Internal sound pressure (min/max)
33 - 41 dB(A)
Cooling / Heating / Fan / Dehumidification
1 - 24h
Refrigerant gas type
R410A reclaimed
Cooling power (min/max)
- kW
Heating power (min/max)
Nominal cooling capacity
2,3 kW
Nominal heating capacity
2,3 kW
Nominal absorption for cooling
3,70 A
Nominal power consumption for cooling
0,9 kW
Nominal absorption for heating
3,0 A
Nominal power consumption for heating
0,7 kW
Energy efficiency class in cooling / heating
A / A
Supply voltage
220/240-1-50 V-F-Hz
Protection level
IP 20
Diameter wall holes
162 / 202 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) (without packaging)
902 x 516 x 229 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) (with packaging)
980 x 610 x 350 mm
40 kg / 44 kg
European Quality Certificate CE.
2-year warranty

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