Olimpia Splendid

Air Conditioner Unico Evo 25 HP PVAN - OLIMPIA SPLENDID without outdoor unit - cooling and heat pump

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Air conditioner Unico Evo 25 HP PVAN - OLIMPIA SPLENDID with cooling and heating. Without outdoor block on wall.

The quietest and most efficient, with inverter motor and R290 gas


With the Silent Mode function active (compressor on), it operates at a maximum of 30 dB(A).


The new Twin Rotary compressor and latest-generation electronics are synchronized to provide optimal acoustic comfort in all operating conditions.


Thanks to the new compressor and optimized components, Unico Evo achieves an energy class A+ rating in cooling mode.


System with no outdoor block on wall.


  • Cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation.
  • Economy function: enables energy savings by automatically optimizing machine performance.
  • Auto function: adjusts the operating parameters based on the room temperature.
  • Silent Mode function: A mode that sets the machine to the lowest noise level. The compressor and fans are adjusted to reduce sound pressure to just 30 dB(A).
  • 24h timer

Device features:

  • Two max power models: 2.3 kW and 2.5 kW
  • Available in the HP version (heat pump). If there is no condensation drain, the machine can be configured as "ONLY COOLING" by deactivating the heating function. Alternatively, it can be set to "ONLY HEATING" by disabling the cooling function.
  • Cooling class: up to A+
  • Natural refrigerant gas: R290 (GWP=3)
  • Internal layout optimized for easy maintenance.
  • Large flap for uniform air distribution.
  • Equipped with a multi-filtration system, including an electrostatic filter (anti-dust) and an activated carbon filter (effective against bad odors).
  • Backlit display with touch controls.
  • On/off contact for enabling or energy boost.
  • RS485 port for controlling the air conditioner with an external BMS using Modbus RTU language.
  • 100% recyclable packaging, 98% plastic-free.
Technical specifications
Unico Evo 25 HP PVAN Specifications
Air flow rate for cooling (max/med/min)
380/270/195 m3/h
Air flow rate for heating (max/med/min)
380/270/195 m3/h
External air flow rate in cooling (max/min)
650/350 m3/h
External air flow rate in heating (max/min)
650/350 m3/h
Dehumidification capacity
0,7 l/h
Internal sound pressure
26-40 dB(A)
Silent Mode sound pressure level
30 dB(A)
Internal / External ventilation speed
3 / 6
Cooling / Heating / Dehumidification / Ventilation
1 - 24h
Refrigerant gas type
R290 (GWP=3)
Cooling power (min/max)
1,0 / 2,5 kW
Heating power (min/max)
1,0 / 2,3
Nominal cooling capacity
2,1 kW
Nominal heating capacity
1,7 kW
Nominal absorption for cooling
4,7 A
Nominal power consumption for cooling
0,8 kW
Nominal absorption for heating
3,4 A
Nominal power consumption for heating
0,5 kW
Energy efficiency class in Cooling / Heating
A / A
Supply voltage
230-1-50 V-F-Hz
Protection level
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)
1015 x 540 x 180 mm
Dimensions (with packaging) (Width x Height x Depth)
1100 x 605 x 290 mm
Diameter wall holes
162 / 202 mm
41 kg / 43 kg
European Quality Certificate CE.
2-year warranty

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