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Olimpia Splendid

Air conditioner NEXYA S4 E Inverter 12 C - OLIMPIA SPLENDID - with outdoor unit

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Set of wall Air conditioner NEXYA S4 E Inverter 12 C - OLIMPIA SPLENDID with outdoor unit

The Nexya S4 E Inverter 12 C air conditioner with high-efficiency inverter technology (A++ in cooling) offers a high level of climate comfort while improving air quality with its Air Quality technology (which consists of anti-dust, activated carbon, and cold catalyst). Additionally, Nexya S4 E eliminates dust, mould and grease from the evaporator on a regular basis, ensuring that the air in the room is kept clean.


Introducing the high-performance R32 refrigerant gas, engineered for optimal technological efficiency, ensuring attainment of energy class A++ rating.


The treated air is purified with anti-dust filters, activated carbon and cold catalytic filters to remove impurities.


Effortlessly maintaining a hygienic indoor atmosphere, the system automatically cleans and dries the evaporator, effectively eradicating dust, mold, and grease, thereby guaranteeing the circulation of clean, fresh air throughout the room.


To ensure Wi-Fi connection to the air conditioner, simply install the special USB key (included in the package) and download the OS Comfort app.


  • Cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation mode;
  • Timer, Silent and Turbo functions;
  • Auto mode: changes parameters depending on ambient temperature;
  • Sleep mode: gradually increases the temperature set and ensures reduced noise for greater wellbeing at night;
  • Follow Me function: accurate temperature detection occurs precisely at the location of the remote control;
  • Swing function: the flap oscillates to optimize air diffusion throughout the environment, ensuring improved circulation and distribution;
  • Auto-Diagnosis function: in case of any malfunction, the display will promptly indicate the corresponding error code.

Device features:

  • Cooling class: A++;
  • Refrigerant Gas R32;
  • High performance inverter technology;
  • Installation: on wall;
  • Remote control supplied;
  • The outdoor unit's battery undergoes a Golden Fin treatment, which serves to shield it from the corrosive impact of atmospheric agents and, in turn, enhances performance efficiency. 

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Technical specifications
Nexya S4 E Inverter 12C Specifications
Air flow rate for cooling (max/med/min)
547/430/314 m3/h
Air flow rate for heating (max/med/min)
625/430/314 m3/h
Dehumidification capacity
1,2 l/h
Sound pressure (max/med/min/silence)
41/35/25/- dB
Cooling / Heating / Fan / Dehumidification
1 - 24h
Refrigerant gas type
Cooling power (min/mid/max)
1,11/3,40/4,16 kW
Heating power (min/mid/max)
1,09/3,68/4,22 kW
Current consumption in cooling (min/rated/max)
0,5/4,56/6,9 A
Current consumption in heating (min/rated/max)
0,4/4,35/6,9 A
Nominal power absorption for cooling
1,04 kW
Nominal power consumption for heating
0,99 kW
Energy efficiency class in cooling
Energy efficiency class in heating (Average season / Warmer season)
A+ / A+++
Annual energy consumption in cooling mode
211 kWh/year
Annual energy consumption in heating mode (Average season / Warmer season)
945 / 706 kWh/year
Supply voltage
230-1-50 V-F-Hz
Protection level (Indoor / Outdoor unit)
IPX0 / IP24
Indoor unit dimensions (WxHxD)
805x285x194 mm
Outdoor unit dimensions (WxHxD)
720x495x270 mm
Weight (Indoor / Outdoor unit)
9,7 kg / 25 kg
European Quality Certificate CE.
2-year warranty
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