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Olimpia Splendid

Air conditioner ALYAS PRO E INVERTER 9 - OLIMPIA SPLENDID - with outdoor unit

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Set of Air conditioner ALYAS PRO E INVERTER 9 - OLIMPIA SPLENDID with outdoor unit

Alyas Pro E Inverter 9 stands out for its superior heating performance compared to standard splitters, particularly in colder climates, with an external operating temperature limit of -22°C. It also features a multi-filter system, composed of an anti-dust electrostatic filter and an active carbon filter to reduce odours.


Introducing the high-performance R32 refrigerant gas, engineered for optimal technological efficiency, ensuring attainment of energy class up to A+++ rating.


When heating in the harshest climatic zones, it outperforms standard split units (with an operational limit for external ambient temperature of -22°C).


Enhanced with an advanced purifying system that includes an electrostatic filter (designed to prevent dust) and an activated carbon filter (effectively neutralizing unwanted odors).


To ensure Wi-Fi connection to the air conditioner, simply install the special USB key (included in the package) and download the OS Comfort app.


  • Cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation mode;
  • Timer, Eco, Silent and Turbo functions;
  • Auto mode: changes parameters depending on ambient temperature;
  • Sleep mode: gradually increases the temperature set and ensures reduced noise for greater wellbeing at night;
  • Follow Me function: accurate temperature detection occurs precisely at the location of the remote control;
  • Swing function: automatically adjusts the air flow (vertically);
  • Auto-Diagnosis function: in case of any malfunction, the display will promptly indicate the corresponding error code.

Device features:

  • Cooling class: A+++;
  • Refrigerant Gas R32;
  • High performance inverter technology;
  • Installation: on wall;
  • Remote control supplied;
  • The outdoor unit's battery undergoes a Golden Fin treatment, which serves to shield it from the corrosive impact of atmospheric agents and, in turn, enhances performance efficiency. 

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Technical specifications
ALYAS PRO E INVERTER 9 Specifications
Air flow rate for cooling (max/med/min)
611/479/360 m3/h
Air flow rate for heating (max/med/min)
611/479/360 m3/h
Dehumidification capacity
1,0 l/h
Sound pressure (max/med/min/silence)
42/35/25/21,5 dB
Cooling / Heating / Fan / Dehumidification
1 - 24h
Refrigerant gas type
Cooling power (min/mid/max)
0,91/2,64/4,40 kW
Heating power (min/mid/max)
0,79/2,86/6,30 kW
Current consumption in cooling (min/rated/max)
0,5/4,0/7,0 A
Current consumption in heating (min/rated/max)
1,0/4,22/9,2 A
Nominal power absorption for cooling
0,65 kW
Nominal power consumption for heating
0,6 kW
Energy efficiency class in cooling
Energy efficiency class in heating (Average season / Warmer season)
A++ / A+++
Annual energy consumption in cooling mode
111 kWh/year
Annual energy consumption in heating mode (Average season / Warmer season)
792 / 762 kWh/year
Supply voltage
230-1-50 V-F-Hz
Protection level (Indoor / Outdoor unit)
IPX0 / IP24
Indoor unit dimensions (WxHxD)
802x297x189 mm
Outdoor unit dimensions (WxHxD)
800x554x333 mm
Weight (Indoor / Outdoor unit)
8,5 kg / 34,7 kg
European Quality Certificate CE.
2-year warranty
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