• Mold or mildew

    Mold or mildew

  • Damp and foggy windows

    Damp and foggy windows

  • Constant airlessness

    Constant airlessness

CLIMTEC is the perfect solution!

It is a special type of ventilation - a heat recovery unit - that ensures efficient air exchange in your house or apartment, thus preventing damp, airlessness and the problems they cause, such as mold, allergies, sickness, damage to living spaces and things. The heat recovery unit is quick to install and has an immediate effect, and is very energy efficient and quiet.

Heat recovery unit functions

Heat recovery unit installation

  • Ātri un viegli uzstādāms

    Quick and easy to install - 1-2 h

    To install the heat recovery unit, you need to make a small hole in the wall, insert the unit and connect the electricity supply.

  • Pieejama un zema cena

    Affordable price

    The price starts from EUR 420 and depends on the size of the room. Affordable installation costs in Riga.

  • Uzstādot nebojā ēkas apdari

    Does not damage interior or exterior finishes during installation

    There is no need for expensive construction or renovation work to solve ventilation problems.

  • Priekš dzīvokļa un mājas

    Suitable for both apartments and houses

    This type of ventilation is not only suitable for houses, but also for apartments, where separate ventilation is not usually installed.

  • Siltuma atgūšanas ventilācija

    Heat-preserving ventilation

    Heat recovery unit does not cause heat loss even at low outdoor temperatures due to the special heat exchange principle.

  • Zems elektroenerģijas patēriņš

    Low electricity consumption

    The ventilation system is highly energy efficient - A+ according to EU standards.

  • Augsta ventilācijas efektivitāte - 87%

    High ventilation efficiency - up to 87 %

    Warm air from indoors is used efficiently to warm the cool intake air in winter and the opposite in summer.

  • Acīmredzams un jūtams rezultāts

    Visible and feelable results

    You will noticeably improve the air quality in your home, which will effectively help to prevent problems caused by airlessness and dampness.

  • Apkope reizi 2 gados

    Maintenance only every 2 years

    The heat recovery unit needs to be serviced very rarely - only once every 2 years.

  • Ierīces netiks bojātas

    Protect electrical equipment in the room

    In rooms with normal humidity levels, your electrical appliances will not be damaged and will last longer.

  • Rekuperators paredzēts ievietošanai ēkas ārsienā aptuveni 1–3 grādu slīpumā.

    The ventilation device is inserted in the outer wall

    The Ventilation Unit is designed to be inserted into the external wall of a building at a slope of approximately 1-3 degrees.

  • Sienā tiek izurbts precīza izmēra caurums

    A hole is drilled in the exterior wall to the exact size

    A hole is drilled in the exterior wall of the house with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the ventilation device.

  • Caurums tiek izveidots ar dimanta urbi, nebojājot apdari

    The hole is created without damaging the surface finish

    As the drilling is done with a diamond drill, the drilling is precise and does not damage the interior or exterior finishes.

  • Rekuperators tiek ievietots izurbtajā caurumā

    The recuperator is inserted into the drilled hole

    The device is inserted into the drilled hole and the power supply is connected.

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