Mitsubishi air dehumidifier

Air Dehumidifier "Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E14CG-S1"

A high-efficiency dehumidifier that reduces indoor humidity. It is equipped with the most advanced technology, is extremely compact, lightweight, quiet, durable, extremely good-looking and energy-efficient.

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The dehumidifying process can be automatic or can follow a selected programme. The dehumidifier has the following functions: on/off timer, mold elimination function, intelligent tumble dry function with 12-hour programme and more.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the new Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E14CG dehumidifier is ultra-compact, lightweight, quiet, durable and extremely good-looking in design, as well as energy efficient, making it easy to use in the home.

Thanks to its double-layer filter, this dehumidifier not only effectively removes residual moisture, but also purifies the room air.

It is ideal for use in the following areas:

– In living rooms;
- Garages;
- Summer houses;
- Basements;
- Sauna changing rooms;
- etc.

– LCD display
- Automatic or manual dehumidification
- Special low-temperature function
- Intelligent laundry drying function
- Automatic airflow direction adjustment
- On/off timer
- Air purification filters
- Child safety switch
- Mold protection
- Possibility to drain water into the sewer system.


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