Installation of heat recovery units and air conditioners can be done in winter

 Some may feel that winter is the time to stop all work and blissfully curl up in front of the fireplace and wait for spring. Of course, nobody is denied this and it can be enjoyed, but the notion that there is no work to be done in winter has long been perceived as a myth among the trade. Yes, there are certain restrictions depending on the temperature at the time, but there are jobs that can be done safely and to a high quality even in winter. This includes the installation of air handling and cooling equipment, including heat recovery ventilators and air conditioners.

Kondicioniera vai rekuperatora uzstādīšana ziemā


Why in winter?

Often, just as the cold season arrives, you get the feeling that the ventilation system in your building or apartment is not working very efficiently. In summer, stifling indoor air is often blamed on higher air temperatures and/or air pollution coming in through open windows from city streets. But in late autumn and winter, the lack of fresh air is no longer something to hide behind, because all the windows are closed, and that's when you can feel it best. This is often when the revelation that ventilation improvements, including the installation of air-handling units, are needed is often stopped in its tracks by the myth that this is labour-intensive and that such work is not done in winter. But with the heady spring and hot summer, with leisure trips and many other things to do, the idea is no longer relevant and often forgotten... until the following winter. But the solution is simple - don't wait for summer, you can do everything right now, in winter!


Assembly in winter is determined by the speed of the work to be carried out

The installation of a single decentralised ventilation and heat recovery unit usually takes between one and three hours (depending on the amount and complexity of the work to be done). The installation of one air conditioner, on the other hand, takes one and a half to three and a half hours. This depends on the type of appliance chosen, the model, etc. There are no other special conditions that need to be met for such installations to be carried out in winter. There is no need for extensive construction work or a separate project. It is possible to install a heat recovery unit in a house, apartment or other premises at any time.

There will also be no complications after completion of the works that would require repairs to the interior of the premises or to the facade of the building. The key is simple - for example, to install a heat recovery unit, it is usually enough to make a small hole in the wall, insert the unit, set its operating functions (depending on the unit) and connect the electricity supply. This type of work eliminates the concern that internal or external finishes may be damaged during installation.


The specific nature of the assembly is no obstacle either

To dispel the myth of winter work restrictions, here are a few proofs that installing air handling equipment in winter is feasible and justified:

  • Drilling holes in concrete can also be carried out in winter. To install a heat recovery unit or other equipment, a hole needs to be drilled in the outer wall of the building, which can be easily done with a suitable drilling device (diamond drill).
  • The room temperature will not drop significantly. For example, heat recovery units with an air heating function can work efficiently at temperatures as low as -20° The appliance is able to heat the incoming airflow to the desired value, so there will be no chill. The heating temperature of the appliance (not the room!) can be set as desired by the individual, with experts often recommending +10...+15°C.
  • The appliance can be started immediately after installation. Only if the appliance has been outdoors at low temperatures for a long time and the housing has cooled down considerably, it is recommended to wait a few hours for the appliance to warm up before switching it on.
  • The room will not cool down too much during assembly work. There is no reason to worry that the room will get so cold during the work that it will not be warm for a long time afterwards. This is due to the fact that the diameter of the hole to be drilled in the wall is small and it is covered immediately after drilling. After the installer clears the drilled hole of debris and insulates the resulting duct with a special thermal insulation material, the air handling unit is installed almost immediately. The whole procedure takes no more than 15 minutes.
  • No preparation is needed. While experts often recommend removing plants and sensitive appliances from the room when replacing plastic window systems in winter (depending on the outside air temperature at the time), this is not necessary in this case. It is only necessary to move things and objects if they interfere with the installation of the air handling unit in the chosen location.
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