Dehumidifiers are useful for defeating indoor humidity

Increased indoor humidity is one of the most common problems that have a long-term negative impact on people's health, as well as creating a favourable environment for mould growth - with all the negative consequences that this entails. When we realise that our rooms also have high humidity, but for various reasons ventilation cannot be installed to exchange the air and remove the excess moisture, or that the building in question is located in a climate zone where high humidity is constantly observed (in Latvia, such places are often seaside) and ventilation alone cannot ensure optimum humidity, we have to think about other ways of reducing the relative humidity of the air. And one of the best solutions in such situations is the use of efficient dehumidifiers.

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Dehumidifiers collect excess moisture from rooms

Normal indoor relative humidity is between 40% and 50%. If this is higher, then there is a risk of high humidity and ways to reduce it. In the long term, high humidity has adverse effects on human health, mainly respiratory health, and can lead to various respiratory diseases. To prevent these negative effects, dehumidifiers are a good help.

The most common visual indicators of increased indoor humidity are windows that regularly drip or damp patches that have formed in the corners of the room. These are a strong indication that the humidity level is too high. You can also check the humidity in a room with a special humidity meter or with digital home weather stations equipped with this function. Smart home solutions also usually include a humidity measurement function. Such measurements will help to determine whether and how much humidity exists in a particular room.


Māja elpo offers the powerful and energy-efficient Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E14CG-S1 dehumidifier, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, compact, lightweight, durable and featuring very quiet operation, good-looking design and high energy efficiency. All these features make it convenient and efficient for household use.

The dehumidifier can be used in a wide range of spaces - living rooms, garages, summer houses, cellars, storage rooms, sauna changing rooms and more. It is equipped with a 4-litre water storage tank, which stores water collected from the air. When the accumulated water volume reaches 3.8 litres, the unit switches off automatically, preventing possible water leakage. Alternatively, the dehumidifier can be connected to the sewerage system, so that there is no need to worry about regularly emptying the collected water, and the dehumidifier will operate in the selected mode completely autonomously.


The dehumidifier helps to ensure comfortable indoor conditions

The Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E14CG-S1 dehumidifier is equipped with various accessories to make it easier to use and provide additional comfort options. For example, it is equipped with a dual-layer filter that, in addition to collecting moisture, helps to purify the indoor air of various dust, bacteria and other micro-particles. It can operate in different modes, both automatic and manually set. All important readings, including the existing humidity, can be seen on a special LSD display.

The dehumidifier also has a special function for low-temperature operation and can be used effectively in rooms where laundry is drying. When the dryer is in high activity or "turbo" mode, it accelerates moisture collection, allowing laundry to dry faster. The dehumidifier is equipped with a system that dries the inside of the appliance, which eliminates the risk of mould and odours. It can also be operated in air-purifying mode only, thanks to the use of silver ion and odour-preventing filters. The operation of the dehumidifier will ensure a healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

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