Olimpia Splendid air conditioners without outdoor unit - a modern and efficient solution for cooling rooms

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Overheating is not just a problem in the South. In Latvia, too, many people have to live and work in overheated rooms in summer. Whether it's offices or sun-soaked flats in apartment blocks, it's clear that staying in such conditions for long periods of time is not pleasant, and for seniors and people with various illnesses, often even dangerous to their health. Traditional air conditioners cannot always be installed due to various constraints (building function, location, appearance of the building facade, etc.). Therefore, where conventional air conditioners are not suitable, the UNICO series of air conditioners from Olimpia Splendid, made in Italy, without an outdoor unit, are a good solution.

Significantly more possibilities for use

Air conditioners without an outdoor unit are not a recent invention, similar units have been built for a long time. It is true that the low efficiency and limited ability of the earlier units to significantly improve the indoor microclimate have for a long time prevented them from competing with the dominant outdoor unit air conditioners. Today, thanks to technological developments, this situation has changed. More and more people want to ensure a pleasant indoor climate even on the hottest days of the year, but not all buildings can install an outdoor unit for various reasons. These can be both structural and architectural constraints, which are particularly common in old towns and other places where the appearance of building facades is very important. In such cases, the choice of installing the latest generation of air conditioners without an outdoor unit is an indispensable solution. Olimpia Splendid air-cooling units have no impact on the external appearance of the building, and there are more options for their placement indoors. These air conditioners can be installed in a variety of locations - under, next to or closer to the ceiling. The only condition is that they must be in the external wall of the building. Only two holes need to be drilled, which are then covered with grilles and have virtually no effect on the appearance of the facade.

Olimpia Splendid air conditioner multi-purpose

Designed to cool rooms of different sizes

There are different Olimpia Splendid UNICO air conditioners without outdoor unit. They differ firstly in their electricity consumption and secondly in their performance or cooling capacity. The Olimpia Splendid units consume between 0.5 and 1.2 kWh of electricity, while the latest models have a cooling capacity of up to 3.1 kW. The available Olimpia Splendid air conditioners without outdoor unit are designed to cool rooms of 10 - 40 m2. It is true that not only the square metre area, but also the ceiling height must be taken into account in order to accurately determine the room volume and select the appropriate unit. The choice can also be influenced by the glazing of the building (window area, shading too) and the thermal insulation, which determines the extent to which the space is heated by the structure of the building itself. Installing several air-conditioners (similar to radiators) can also provide cooling of larger areas. Models also vary in design, with PRO versions being the most powerful and designed for use in larger rooms and/or for cooling rooms faster. There are no other restrictions, including on room function or size - these air conditioners can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, workshops or other purpose-built spaces.


Helps warm rooms in colder weather

Olimpia Splendid UNICO air conditioners are light, slim and quiet enough. As both units are located inside the room, the manufacturer has made special efforts to reduce operating noise. These air conditioners are also characterised by their simple and quick installation. Thanks to this, installation costs are also significantly lower than for conventional room coolers. There is also no need for long plastic 'pennals' to hide the ducts going outwards. These air conditioners can also be equipped with remote control, allowing easy monitoring and adjustment of their operation.

All models have the option of an air conditioner that can also operate as an air-to-air heat pump. This unit has the additional function of being able to not only cool rooms in summer, but also heat them in cool weather. It can operate as a complete and efficient heater down to an outdoor temperature of -15°C. The heat pump's capabilities are mainly useful in the off-season, when the main space heating is not switched on. This energy-efficient solution allows you to ensure an optimal indoor temperature at any time of the year.

In terms of energy efficiency, Olimpia Splendid UNICO air conditioners without outdoor unit are similar to conventional units. There is no difference in this aspect. Mobile or portable air conditioners are also available. They require only a single bore hole in the outside of the building and are not tied to a specific location, but can be moved to different rooms in the building as required. It should only be noted that their performance is lower than that of stationary air conditioners.


Olimpia Splendid air conditioning and ventilation units

Olimpia Splendid is one of a worlds leader in air conditioning, heating, air handling and hydronic systems thanks to its unique, innovative products. 

For more than 60 years, Olimpia Splendid has been offering its Italian-made products on international markets in more than 45 countries.

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