How to prevent mold? Here's a practical product and steps!

Many of us have experienced problems caused by mold in living rooms and other areas. Moldy walls, windows, corners, water and sewage pipes - mold appears and establishes itself almost anywhere that is too damp or where the humidity level is too high.

If mold develops and spread, it can not only have a negative impact on human health, but also damage various building structures. To prevent this, it would be important to ventilate the premises regularly, but in cases where the disaster has already struck your home, a highly effective mold eliminator will be useful.

Līdzeklis efektīvai pelējuma novēršanai.

Chemical agents help to destroy mold and the traces it leaves behind

Chemical cleaners are usually used to fight mold when nothing else will do. However, there are many different products on the market today, some of which may be designed for outdoor use but not for indoor use, so it is important to find out whether a particular product is suitable for the situation before buying it.

This time we will be talking about Brillux Antimuffa 3430, a professional mold remover that has several advantages over other similar chemical products. First of all, it is very highly effective. Brillux Antimuffa 3430 is professional, highly effective and destroys mold and traces of mold even in very disturbed areas, and it is also suitable for indoor use. However, like any other product, it is important to use it correctly.

An important advantage for indoor use is the almost complete absence of any odor. While other products tend to produce specific chemical odors, the odor produced by Brillux Antimuffa 3430 is almost imperceptible.

Brillux Antimuffa 3430 cleans very quickly and efficiently

With this product, cleaning can be carried out very quickly and efficiently. It is based on a chemical formula developed for professional use, which does a good job of killing mould and mildew and has a long-lasting effect. It is sprayable and kills mould in a wide range of places - on paint, wallpaper, tile seams, joints in flexible materials, window openings, rooms, kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc.

Surfaces affected by mold should be sprayed from a distance of 5-10 cm. This should be done in such a quantity that the surface becomes slightly damp but does not drip (1-2 puffs per spot). After a short time, a colour change will be observed, which is an indication of the effect of the product. If necessary, if there is a lot of mould on the surface, or if it is not sure that the whole surface has received a sufficient amount of the product, it is recommended to re-spray.

Brillux Antimuffa 3430 arī ieteicams izmantot pirms dažādu remontdarbu veikšanas, jo īpaši vietās, kur jau ir bijis pelējums vai pastāv augsts tā parādīšanās risks. Virsmu apstrādi ar līdzekli veic pašā sākumā, pirms gruntēšanas un visu pārējo darbu veikšanas. Arī tapešu maiņas gadījumos, ja vecās tapetes ir skāris pelējums, pēc to noņemšanas un pirms jaunu tapešu līmēšanas attiecīgās vietas ir jāapstrādā ar Brillux Antimuffa 3430. Tas novērsīs risku pelējumam pārnesties uz jaunajām tapetēm.

Tāpat gadījumos, ja ir novērojama logu svīšana (kas liecina par paaugstinātu gaisa mitrumu telpās), pirms visu problemātisko vietu gruntēšanas labāk tās apstrādāt ar šo līdzekli.

Treated areas can not be moistened

After spraying the mould affected areas, the product should be allowed to work and dry. This usually takes no more than 2-3 hours. Therefore, at least this amount of time is necessary, 10-15 minutes will not be sufficient. In principle, the longer the time, the better the effectiveness. However, the main thing is not to wash the treated areas afterwards, not to use even a damp cloth, but simply to remove the mould and its traces, and to clean the surfaces with some dry, soft material.

This is important in order not to give the mildew spores a second chance to develop, as it is water that they need. This is why it is important to carry out only dry cleaning.

Keep the bottle tightly closed

Another important rule to remember and follow when using Brillux Antimuffa 3430 is to remove the sprayer from the bottle when all work is done, rinse it thoroughly and attach it to the bottle in the designated place, and screw the bottle itself with the designated cap. This is necessary because otherwise the active substance evaporates through the spray tube, however the sprayer is closed ('off' or otherwise sealed), and the product loses its effectiveness over time.

This rule should be observed to avoid disappointment, and the product should not be purchased with the spray nozzle already fitted, as this signals that the product is not the original product, but possibly a knock-off.

What else can be done to prevent mold?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, this product is ideal for eliminating mold, but mold is a consequence of high humidity. To prevent mould from forming again, the causes of excessive humidity must be eliminated and indoor air exchange must be improved.