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  • Logu montāžas komplekts Ambientika rekuperatoram
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Ambientika soojustagastusseadmete akna väljatõmbekomplekt

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Window reveal displacement kit for Ambientika Heat recovery units.

If the heat recovery unit is positioned above the window, an extension is implemented. This extension is insulated with a 3mm layer and features a 3mm PVC thickness. The two pieces are securely connected using screws, and an inner reflector is included to prevent any pressure drops.

The entire set comprises the following components:

  1. An exterior grille:
    1. Outer dimensions: 250 x 75 mm
    2. Constructed from white powder-coated aluminum
    3. Fastened using stainless steel screws and dowels
  2. A rectangular tube made of white PVC, measuring 220 x 60 mm. This tube is intended for mounting the outer grille and is appropriately insulated.
  3. A right-angled connecting element designed to link the aforementioned rectangular tube with a round tube having a diameter of 160 mm. The round tube originates from the AMBIENTIKA heat exchanger.

    The pipe with dimensions 220 x 60 mm is cut on-site as needed and must be inclined at a 3% angle towards the outer grille direction to prevent the accumulation of water. The surface texture of the rectangular pipe, along with the exterior of the connecting element, ensures optimal adherence for plaster application.

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