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  • Jape Sanera pH12 1L Alkaline cleaner for extra dirty surfaces
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Jape Sanera Grovrent pH12 1L

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An alkaline cleaner for particularly dirty surfaces. Volume 1 liter

  • Powerful cleaner for very dirty surfaces;
  • Effective for cleaning after fires and oil remediation.


      Indoors and outdoors


      Soot, grease, oil, carbon black


      Solid surfaces excluding glass


      Brush, sponge, rag


      1L per 10-20L of water


      Depending on the surface to be treated

      Type of use:

      Before using the product, wet the surface completely with water. Apply Sanera Grovrent pH12 and leave for about one minute, then sponge or brush the surface. Rinse with water afterwards.

      Well absorbent surfaces, such as wood, need to be neutralised with a low pH such as Sanera Kalk.

      Sanera Grovrent pH12 - alkaline


      • Use Sanera Grovrent pH14 if Sanera Grovrent pH12 does not help

      CAUTION! Use with caution: wear a protective mask and gloves.

      Technical specifications
      Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 8 x 8 x 25
      Weight (g) 1050
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