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  • Jape Redo KinaOlja 1L (Brown) Deep penetrating, water-repellent oil for wood surfaces
  • Jape Redo KinaOlja 1L (Brown) application
  • Jape Redo KinaOlja 1L (Brown) drying
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Jape Redo KinaOlja 1L (Brown)

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Water-repellent oil for indoor and outdoor wood surfaces. Volume 1 liter

  • Makes wood surfaces water-repellent.
  • Non-sticky, deep penetrating oil suitable for all types of wood.
  • Contains natural Chinese tree oil.
  • Provides wood surfaces with reliable protection against UV rays.
  • Good for hard woods and for impregnating wood surfaces before painting or varnishing.

Color: Brown


          Indoors and outdoors


          Absorbent wooden surfaces


          Outdoor furniture, floor grilles, wood panelling, parquet flooring, furniture for inside the house, joinery, etc.


          Brush, rag


          8 - 12 hours after application


          1 L per 6 - 9 m2 depending on surface

          Type of use:

          Apply with a brush, rag or similar. The work surface should be thoroughly dried with a rag 10-20 minutes after the oil has been applied, even if there is no residue left.


          • It is preferable to treat well absorbent surfaces several times.
          • Make sure that the end edge of the wood surface is sufficiently treated!

          CAUTION! The surface of the woodwork treated with Redo KinaOlja oil should always be dried with a cloth, as dried oil residues can cause voids. Keep the rag in water after use to avoid the possibility of spontaneous combustion. Tools should be cleaned with naphtha solvent.

          Technical specifications
          Dimensions (L x W x H) cm 10 x 10 x 13
          Weight (g) 1200
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