Heat recovery system installation service

Majaelpo.lv offers installation and service of heat recovery units. The installation is carried out quickly and qualitatively, based on experience in the installation of decentralised ventilation and air handling equipment. You can see the completed works in the section Our work. Entrust the installation of heat recovery units to professionals!!

We install heat recovery units from the following manufacturers

Price of installation

The installation price per unit (heat recovery unit) ranges from EUR 139.00 to EUR 405.00 including VAT.

What is included in the installation price?

  • Drilling of holes of the appropriate diameter for the installation;
  • Installation and set-up of the equipment;
  • Electrical connection (white conduit) with a plug to a socket located up to 2,5 metres from the installation area;
  • For each additional running metre 8,00 € + VAT;
  • Connection to a socket without plug, or other connection by agreement.

The installation price depends on the following factors

  • Wall thickness and material;
  • Floor (not relevant for Ventoxx and Prana units, as installation can be done entirely from inside the building);
  • Difficulty of access from the outside for outdoor diffuser installation;
  • Availability of electrical connection and distance to the installation site;
  • Transport costs;
  • Ventoxx and Prana devices can also be installed with a 90 degree turn in rooms where access to the outside wall is not possible.

Devices purchased at Majaelpo.lv we install at very favourable prices. If you would like to find out specific installation prices, please contact us via the contact form or call +371 2 5642178!